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Anti-drone System E-KWT-FZQ

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Anti drone is a kind of multiband device which sends high-power electromagnetic wave that used to interfere with UAV flight and force the remote low-altitude drone to drop, or fly to home place or landing. It features for fast disassemble, portable, easy use and so on. The tripod makes longtime watching much easier, which makes it popular in such no-fly zones as airport, prison and military areas and so on. What is more, it is very effective to guarantee the activities going safely and orderly in the important security areas and urban management sites.

Functions and features

l  Control range more than 1km.

l  Quick start, pull the trigger to start use

l  High capacity detachable lithium battery, continuous time more than 1.5 hours. 

l  Equipped 360° rotation and height adjustable tripod for easy counter the drone.

l  Support multiband simultaneous working to interfere all UAVs on the market( civil, commercial and filming)

l  Equipped with high magnification remote sighting telescope, observing remote air targets details

l  Equipped with portable multifunctional pull-rod protection case.

l  Support detachable lithium battery, multi-channel power source switch, and much easier for battery replacement.

l  Wide frequency coverage, including B1 of Beidou navigation system, L1 of GPS system, L1 of GLONASS system, E1 of Galileo system, 5.8GHz frequency range of control data link and 2.4GHz ISM frequency range.

Technical Parameters

Work voltage 


Work current 


Work time


Work frequency range


Output power


Out-of-band rejection



Appearance weight 

4.8Kg±0.2Kg (main frame +battery) 

0.6Kg±0.1Kg (sighting telescope

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1312mm*403mm*341 mm