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Tethered UAV System KWT-TMOP-100

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The Tethered UAV platform is based on the KWT-X6L professional multi-rotor aircraft, it suitable for long-term air working. The tethered drone platform is composed of a KWT-X6L multi-rotor aircraft, an airborne power supply, a smart cable retracting device, and a ground high-power electric energy transmission module. The tethered platform solves the limitation of the battery capacity on the life time of the rotorcraft, and realizes the long-term working of the rotor drone.

Technical Parameters

l  Max take-off weight          10-25Kg

l  Flight time                         >8h

Output current                     10A

Output power                      2700W

Weight                                52Kg

Size                                    620mm*400mm*600mm

Tethered Cable Parameters

Insulation                              2000V

Tensile                                  >50kg

Hectometer resistant            <2.2R

Carrying capacity                  7A

Weight                                  2kg@100m

Optical fiber properties         single 10Gb/s*

*optical fiber version


l  >8 hours flight time

l  100 meters liftoff height

l  High stable hovering

l  Backup battery switch

l  Intelligent cable release

l  3000W power interchange

l  Safe high throughput of optical fiber

l  transmission(optical fiber version)

l  Automatic following

l  Tethered flight altitude        100m

l  Altitude hold                 ±2m

l  Hovering accuracy           ±1.5m

l  Course angle accuracy        ±3°

l  Emergency landing time       <1min

l  Deploy landing time          <4min

l  Drone Model                KWT-X6L

l  Airborne power supply       3000W

l  Backup battery              5200mAh 35C

l  Motor wheelbase            1600mm

l  Payload weight             3Kg

*Different loads are slightly different



Ground Terminal Parameters

Cable length              120m

Cable release mode        keyed automatic control

Input voltage              AC220V±10%@50Hz

Input current              15A

Input power               3000W

Output voltage            DC375V/DC400V±5V

Main Applications

Day and night missions; Radio relay; Gas detection;

Crisis management; Site protection; Air-drop goods;

Traffic surveillance;   Large-scale events security; 

Forest surveillance; Industry monitoring; Air-quality monitoring