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Foldable Quadcopter KWT-Z4M-H. Consultar precio


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Foldable Quadcopter KWT-Z4M-H

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l Full carbon fiber drone frame with high strength and light features; more than 40mins flight time with 500g payload.

l Horizontal folding arm design to improve the flight balance; wind tolerance up to 10.8~13.9m/s.

l Able to fly at elevation of 5000m (16500ft).

l Foldable structure, quick deployment within1 minute.

l High integrated rainproof gimbal unit design; able to fly in the rain;

l Smart flight control system which supports manual precise operation and Autonomous flight.

l Full HD real time video transmission, supports HD 1080 i/P image.

l Compatible with zooming, thermal imager, wide angleand other payloads.

Technical Parameters

Diagonal wheelbase

940 ±10mm

Max wingspan

1490 ± 20mm

Standard take-off weight

7.65 ± 0.25kg

Max take-off weight

9.65 ± 0.25kg

Max payload weight


Hover time

≥40 min (@7.65kg)

Wind tolerance


Max flight speed

15 m/s

Relative flight speed

1000 m (Plain)

Max working altitude

(above sea level)


GPS hover accuracy

vertical: ±1.5 m

horizontal: ±1 m

Remote control distance

7km (up to local electromagnetism environment)

Ground station control distance

10km (up to local electromagnetism environment)