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Six-rotor Multicopter E-KWT-X6M. Consultar precio


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Six-rotor Multicopter KWT-X6M

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l  Carbon fiber integrated molding with high rigidity and light weight; supports more than 50 minutes flight time with 500g payload

l  Innovative upturned arm design for flying stability, ensuring wind tolerance up to 12 m/s.

l  Able to fly at elevation of 5000 m (16500 ft).

l  Detachable arms structure, quick plug-in design, gets ready to fly within 1 minute.

l  Full HD 1080i/P real time video transmission, supports zoom, thermal, wide angle camera and so on payloads.

l  Highly integrated rainproof gimbal unit with good rain performance, able to fly in the rainy day

l  Intelligent flight control system with manual precise control and autonomous flight mode

l Differential GPS with high anti magnetism performance for accuracy position

KWT-X6M Technical Parameters

Diagonal wheelbase

955 ±10mm

Max wingspan 

1412 ± 20mm

Standard take-off weight

10 ± 0.2kg

Max take-off weight

13 ± 0.2 kg

Max payload weight

≤ 3 kg

Hover time

≥50 min (@10kg)

Wind tolerance

10.8~13.9 m/s

Max flight speed

12 m/s

Relative flight speed

2000 m( plain)

Max working altitude

(above sea level)

5000 m

GPS hover accuracy

vertical: ±1.5 m

horizontal: ±2 m

Remote control distance

7 km ( up to the environment)

Ground station control distance

10 km (up to the environment)