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QL 1200 Híbrido

QL 1200 Híbrido

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QL 1200 Híbrido

Super long endurance flight operation platform.

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25 999,00 € impuestos inc.


  • QL 1200

    120 minutes flight time, Walkera Petrol-electric hydrid soluation  

  • Petrol-electric hybrid power

    Combination of petrol power and electric power 

  • 30 X optical zoom camera

    Can observe the details of the scene 1 km away

  • Foldable & portable design, Six arms can be folde

Petrol-electric hybrid Multi rotor, long duration, heavy payload allowed.

QL 1200 adopt the advanced gasoline engine and generator integrated power supply technology, which combines the advantages of oil movement and electric power. Powered by oil, which retains the high energy of fuel, and the electric power drive the rotor retains the characteristics of electric drive maneuvering. MAX flight time is 120 mins. Four times more than electric multi-rotor UAV, the control range is 57.6 Km.

Flight time

4times, QL1200 Petrol-electric hybrid power , 120mins

Control range

4times, QL1200 Petrol-electric hybrid power , 57.6Km

Flight payload

2times, QL1200 Petrol-electric hybrid power , 3KG

Pure electric power, 1.5KG